(Twin Beds)

(Double Beds)
Rooms 50 € / 60 € 60 € / 75 €
Room with panoramic view 60 € / 75 €  
Suite 75 € / 90€  
Additional Bed
(price per person)
15 €  

The prices presented here are by room. The price for the additional bed is for person.

The prices can be changed without prior notice.


General Conditions

  • Breakfast is included in the price of the room.
  • The table of prices applies to both high and low seasons (IVA included at the current rate).
  • Prices vary at Carnival, Easter, Christmas and New Year.


Special Conditions

  • Groups of three couples for three consecutive nights from 1st November to 1st March
  • Attractive prices for couples over 65.

Photos Casa D. Antónia

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heriatge monsaraz

Monsaraz is one of the most ancient settlements in Portugal.
On the hill it crowns there was once a pre-historic fortified village, later Romanised and then occupied by Visigoths, Arabs, Mozarabs and Jews.

It was seized from Moorish rule in 1232 by King Sancho II with the help of the Knights Templar, and was already an important fortified village in 1263, the seat of the local council with a charter given by King Afonso III.

It retains its ancestral town-wall fortifications, and is classified as imóvel de interesse turístico.
Once inside Monsaraz, stroll along its narrow streets, visit its churches, the town water cistern, the former law court with its frescos and the castle. Letting yourself be infused by the culture and history of this ancient place is an experience truly worth having.

The parish of Monsaraz possesses a vast historical heritage with its concentration of megalithic monuments, but of equal importance are its churches, chapels, museum, castle and the rest.