You will find the mediaeval village of Monsaraz in the south of Portugal, looking down over the extensive, high plain of the Alentejo, close to the frontier with Spain, 200 km from Lisbon and 50 km from Évora.

It is situated 5 minutes from the River Guadiana, on the shores of the great lake formed by the Alqueva Dam, among historical monuments that date back to megalithic times. It offers the peace and quiet that can only be provided by this landscape and by the typical life of the Alentejo.



leisure monsaraz

With the aim of providing ever-better services to clients who like both adventure and nature, we can suggest various open-air itineraries. For this we rely on various enterprises in the region, and we would be glad to inform you about them and help you in your choice.

The institutions connected to the tourism sector have, for a long time, been creating itineraries that contribute greatly to the quality of the tourism offer. Tourists can, therefore, fully enjoy these itineraries in line with their tastes and their objectives. The routes focus on and bring together the most important areas in the council area.