Casa D. Antónia

Casa Dona Antónia - Rural-style hotel

This typical Alentejo bed and breakfast accommodation is located within the walls of the medieval Castle of Monsaraz.

Situated on the village's main street you will find the Casa Dona Antónia, memorable and unmistakable with its original and highly characteristic features - its main façade, its three broad chimneys and its massive bougainvillea which, when in flower, adds colour to this marvellous building.

At the beginning of the 1970's it opened its doors to offer a traditional family welcome to visitors.

As time passed these visitors spread the reputation of Casa D. Antónia, not only in Portugal but also in the world beyond.

  • Genuine Land
  • Turismo em Espaço Rural

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tradition alentejoMonsaraz is deeply marked by craft traditions, gastronomy and wines. Regarding the craft is required to make a special reference to S. Pedro Corval, the biggest pottery center in Portugal. read more


Alentejo Patrimonio

The Alentejo is a blend of popular culture with well-preserved monumental remains of high quality giving justice to the assessment made by UNESCO as World Heritage.

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rural tourism alentejo

Land of people who maintain tradition and its originality over the centuries by their culture and customs, as well as the art of hospitality.



Monsaraz is one of the oldest Portuguese towns. In the hill where it stands, there before a roman pre-historic fort, and subsequently occupied by Visigoths, Arabs, Jews.